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People need people

We are here to serve and support.

Open Arms of Jesus in Merritton was started with the mission to help meet the needs of individuals and families in this community.  The following groups meet on a regular basis for that very purpose.  Choose which special interest you'd like to be part of, and register today.  REGISTRATION IS FREE.

Healing Journey
Every Monday 7PM

Welcome to a safe haven where you can be part of a friendly support group that empathizes, encourages and strengthens your resolve to do better / be better. Whether you are facing depression, anger, unforgiveness, grief, psychological torment, Covid trauma, broken relationship, or any other hurts that keep you from enjoying a happy and healthy life, you have come to the right place. And the right people will walk this journey with you. No judgment, no condemnation. Come share as little or as much as you like. Regardless of your age, stage of life or religious belief, we welcome you!

Free registration / Free workbook

Program starts Monday, September 27th at 7PM.

Register by clicking button below or
call/text Carol at (647)818-0818

Men Exploring Truth
Every Tuesday 7PM

                                                     In a very relaxed and casual                                                           setting, a group of men meet                                                         weekly to study a specific book                                                       of the  Bible, or a particular                                                               topic of interest - and to   
support one another in life's ups and downs.  In a world where many men have been raised to think it is best to keep to yourself and not openly share your thoughts, concerns, celebrations or views, this is a place of freedom to speak, freedom to share and freedom to silently take it all in. You'll find a group of men here that have genuine interest in one another's lives. All while increasing their knowledge of what God's plan is for each of their lives and what the Bible says about every matter under the sun.

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Women Connecting
Every Tuesday 7PM

Women are notorious
for taking on more
responsibilities than
they should. They also
find it frustrating at times
to know how they should respond to challenges in their lives.  This weekly time together with other women will not only refresh you, but will keep you growing in every area of your life.  In a very relaxed setting, the women gather together to study a book of the Bible or a particular topic that is of interest to all, and to just enjoy great chats with one another.  Email us to find out what we are currently studying and when / where we meet.

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