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Welcome to

Healing Journey

A ministry that offers 6 to 8-week series on various topics, bringing healing to past hurts, present circumstances and solutions to ongoing life struggles.

NEW 8-Week Series:

January 15 - March 4

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Grieving the loss of a loved one is an emotionally raw journey, and one that no one can ever totally relate to, because how we grieve and how long we grieve our loss, differs for each person.  But there are some similarities, and there is great comfort in being part of a grieving support group.  No matter how strong you may feel, or how independent you may be, EVERYONE who experiences the loss of a loved one through death, benefits from such a program.  So invest just 8 weeks in your future by being part of this support program, where no one judges, no one tries to fix others and all that is shared is kept in confidence.  We meet weekly on Monday nights 6:30-8:00PM January 15-March 4.

Join us for any weeks or all eight. Seating is limited in order to keep our sessions private and meaningful, so please pre-register.  Come as you are and come expecting life-altering changes.


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Where is God When it Hurts?

This 5-week series deals with key hurts that we all face at some time or other. Pastor Craig Groeschel, from Life Church found himself personally in the thick of these struggles in 2019, and since then has learned a lot about trusting God through it all, and seeing the miraculous changes happen. 

To view each video, click on titles below, then click on "Handout" for corresponding notes.  The best part of such sessions is the discussion that takes place in small groups as individuals share how the message applies to them personally.  Attendees are free to share as little or as much as they like in these small discussion groups.  Hope to see you there soon!

The following are some of the teachings we've
delivered at Healing Journey in the past, and that
continue to be a blessing to all who take them in.

Click on titles below to watch teaching videos, and
click on "Handout" for notes that correspond with each video.

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